Admissions & Fees

The following steps are requires in order for a fast and efficient application process. Please ensure that the following accompanies each Application Form when returning it to the school:

  • Application Fee : R300 (non-refundable) 
  • A certified copy of the student’s birth certificate;
  • Copies of the student’s latest two school reports;
  • Pastor’s reference 
  • School reference
  • Reports of any medical conditions or Therapist reports
  • 1 x Individual Photo 
  1. Please present the Pastor’s Confidential Reference letter to your Pastor or Church Minister who must then complete the form and send it to the Harvest school office by fax, email, call or in a sealed envelope by post or hand.
  2. Please present the Current School Confidential Reference letter to the student’s current school Headmaster who must then complete the form and send it to the Harvest school office by fax, or in a sealed envelope by post or hand.
  3. The application can only proceed to the interview stage once all of the above have been received. Receipt of the above does not guarantee the granting of an interview.
  4. Admission to the school is subject to available space, curriculum compatibility and the ability of Harvest to serve your family’s needs in terms of our mission statement as stated above in italics. Should we be unable to assist you, we will notify you in writing. Alternatively, we will contact you to arrange an interview.
  5. The presence of both parents and the student is required at the interview except under special circumstances that must have been agreed to by prior arrangement with the school.
  6. The student may be required to complete a diagnostic assessment or school readiness evaluation as part of the interview process.
  7. The school will notify you of the outcome of your interview in writing. Should your application be successful, your letter of acceptance will be followed by an information pack including details such as uniform, textbook and stationery requirements. 
  8. Harvest Christian School is a fee-paying school and is thus dependent on families fulfilling their monthly financial obligations to the school. Successful applicants are required to sign a commitment to the school’s financial policy. The relevant school fee structure is included in your Application Pack.
  9. Once you have received your preliminary letter of acceptance, a non-refundable admission fee of R1750 is payable per student in order to secure their place in that particular grade. 

Please direct queries to the Admissions Secretary at 041 581 2007 during office hours or e-mail

Fee Structure

The fee structure for 2017 includes the Workbooks and Consumables. An outline of these costs will be provided to the parents in the respective Grades on an additional document. Every effort is being made to reduce the number of ‘extras’ that get added to the account, to ensure a set monthly fee that includes all costs. Please not the Grade 12 Workbook & Consumable fee includes the R5 650.00 IEB examination cost. 

Grade Annual School Fee Workbooks & Consumables Total Annual Fee for 2017 Monthly Payment over 11 months Annual fee in advance*
Grade8 R38 744 R2 230 R40 974 R3 725 R39 036
Grade9 R39 935 R2 380 R42 315 R3 847 R40 318
Grade10 R40 965 R2 290 R43 255 R3 932 R41 207
Grade11 R41 755 R2 340 R44 095 R4 009 R42 007
Grade12 R42 397 R9 320 R51 717 R4 702 R49 597

*If Paid by 31 January 2017 (5% Discount)

Sibling Discount

The Governing Body has decided to introduce a sibling discount to support those families with more than one child at Harvest. The following sibling discounts will automatically apply from 2017:

2nd child 5%
3rd child 7.5%
4th child 10%

Bursary Theme

The school will continue to support as many parents and pupils as possible with the bursary fund that is made available. The rules of the fund are explained in the Parent Guidelines. Simply, the fund will only support existing pupils requiring financial aid for a maximum of R8000 per annum. On application the current school fees must be up to date in order to qualify. For 2017, the bursary applications must have been completed and submitted to Mrs Lisa Engelbrecht no later than 31st October 2017. Bursary forms are available directly from the Bursar.

High School Application Pack

Feel free to download the High School Application Pack below and ensure to take note of the admission procedure.

Download Application Pack

Any queries can be directed to admissions during office hours on or call 041 581 2007

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