Harvest Christian School



We welcome your interest in seeking admission for your child/children at Harvest Christian Primary.

Applications & admissions procedure

Please direct any queries to the Admissions Secretary during office hours: 041 581 2007 or email admissions@harvestcs.co.za

1. The following must accompany this application

  • Application Fee: R500 (non-refundable).
  • Certified copy of birth certificate or identity document of this student.
  • Certified copy of identity document of each parent and/or guardian or debtor.
  • If identity documents of both the mother and the father are not available, a certified copy of an unabridged birth certificate of the learner is required.
  • Certified copy of passport, work permit, study permit, in the case of the applicant being a non-South African citizen.
  • Copy of latest report from student’s present school.
  • Copy of the most recent utilities (light/water/rates) account as proof of residential address.
  • 2 recent photographs – 1 Individual & 1 Family.
  • A copy of your child’s clinic card.
  • If either parent is self-employed, please supply company registration documents or VAT registration documents.
  • Pastor Confidential Reference.
  • School Confidential Reference.
  • Statement of Faith.
  • Completed consent for Credit Check (South African residents only).

2. Please present the Pastor’s Confidential Reference letter to your Pastor or Church Minister who must please complete the form and return it to the Harvest Christian School office by e-mail, in a sealed envelope or by hand.

3. Please present the current School Confidential Reference letter to the student’s current school class teacher who must please complete the form and return it to the Harvest Christian School office by e-mail, or in a sealed envelope or by hand.

4. The application can only proceed to the interview stage once all of the above have been received. Receipt of the above does not guarantee the granting of an interview.

5. Admission to the school is subject to available space, curriculum compatibility and the ability of Harvest to serve your family’s needs in terms of our mission statement. Should we be unable to assist you, we will notify you in writing. Alternatively, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

6. The presence of both parents and the student is required at the interview, except under special circumstances and by prior arrangement with the school.

7. The school will notify you of the outcome of your interview with the Deputy Head. Should your application be successful, an information pack including details of uniform, textbook and stationery requirements will be issued to you.

8. Harvest Christian School is a fee-paying School and is thus dependent on families fulfilling their monthly financial obligations to the school. Parents are required to sign a commitment to the school’s Conditions of Enrolment. The relevant School Fee Structure is included in the Application Pack.

9. Upon notification of acceptance you will then receive a letter of acceptance.


APPLICATION FEE Non-refundable, once-off payment due at submission of Application Forms R500
ADMISSION FEE Non-refundable, once-off payment, applicable to Grade 1 – 12, due at acceptance, to secure the student’s placement R1 750
SCHOOL FEES Payable over 11 months
Grade Monthly Payment January to November ANNUAL TUITION FEE ANNUAL PAYMENT Payable before 31 January 2022
Grade 1 R2 909 R32 000 R30 400
Grade 2 R3 364 R37 000 R35 150
Grade 3 R3 545 R39 000 R37 050
Grade 4 R3 886 R42 750 R40 613
Grade 5 R4 046 R44 503 R42 278
Grade 6 R4 213 R46 343 R44 026
Grade 7 R4 223 R46 448 R44 125
ADDITIONAL FEES – Workbooks, Camps and Consumables Payable over 11 months  
Grade Monthly Payment January to November TOTAL FOR THE YEAR
Grade 1 R184 R2 020
Grade 2 R210 R2 308
Grade 3 R237 R2 605
Grade 4 R249 R2 740
Grade 5 R239 R2 625
Grade 6 R274 R3 015
Grade 7 R288 R3 169

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