Harvest Christian School


My children started at Harvest Christian School from the age of 3 years. We were blessed to have had them educated, shaped, moulded in a Christian environment where teachers partner with parents in bringing the very best out of our children. Teachers and coaches encouraged our kids to strive for excellence in their academics, sport, culture and music activities. Outings and camps were also part of their education. They were stretched at times which all contributed to the character building process, for which I am grateful. Most importantly, the school encouraged our children in getting to know their Lord and Saviour. The cognitive classroom time and scripture memorisations crafted upon a biblical worldview are of eternal value as their roots run deep in the ways of their Lord. The Friday assemblies for me were the highlight as that was the heart of the school. Praise, worship plus the word encouraged and sometimes challenged them in their walk with Jesus. I am so grateful to Harvest Christian School and the amazing teachers and leaders for partnering with us as parents and therefore would encourage all Christian families to consider sending their children to Harvest Christian School to receive far more than a mere academic, cultural or sporting scholastic career.

Shirley Kruger


I have been at harvest since I was about 4 years old, starting in the Pre-Primary School all the way through to Grade 12 (Matric). It is such a special environment to be in everyday. The teachers make sure that we feel loved and comfortable in the classrooms while being dedicated to their subjects. I cannot imagine going through school without the spiritual aspect that we get at Harvest, and I will forever be grateful for it.

Ruby Kruger

Grade 12 Student

It was a joy and a privilege to have been part of Harvest Christian School for 11 years, a joy to teach truth, not my truth, but the truth of the Creator, a privilege not afforded to the majority of teachers in schools in South Africa today. In teaching, every class is new and different from each previous year. Every young person has a unique personality, thus making it impossible to find teaching boring! Sometimes challenging, yet never boring. Knowledge can be readily obtained on the Internet today, but pointing to God's truth by integrating these with this knowledge is a life-long gift. The Word says "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it" I have taught in a number of schools in the 30+ years of my career, and can say that Harvest CS staff are the kindest, most loving, fun-filled people I have ever taught with. Going to school each morning was a joy. I never lacked people to pray with, cry with or rejoice with. Thank you to each person, from the admin staff, to all my colleagues, the cleaning and the ground staff, the managers and the students, for making my years at Harvest a wonderful experience. To the parents who have chosen this educational path for their children. Well done! Christian Education is a priceless gift from you to your children, a gift which will have eternal value.

Ros O'Kennedy

Past Teacher

We moved back to PE in 2020 and there was no question, we knew we had to enrol our sons at Harvest. Our youngest is in Pre-Primary & he comes home with songs and stories about Jesus. It is so cute to see his face light up with his knowledge of learning about Jesus at his age. Our eldest son is now in grade 4, he has a relationship with ADHD and anxiety, which would be challenging, for any academic establishment, however we have had so much support from the Harvest School heads, teachers and counsellors, which has made such a difference in our lives, for the better. The generous, kind and loving guidance that both our children & ourselves, have received is nothing short of exceptional and the confidence we have in the school is comforting to our family, knowing that they will receive the best education, and most importantly, the best guidance with Christ Jesus being the centre of every journey they guide our Children through.

Vicki Hodder


My years at Harvest were far more formative than I gave credit while I was at school, it is sometimes hard to see beyond your day to day responsibilities, but once I left I realised the gold that was deposited into me. I look back and I am thankful for teachers who cared more about the condition of my heart than my outward achievements. I am thankful for being led by leaders who were willing to serve in humility and consider others greater than themselves. I am thankful for open times of worship in Chapel (Assembly). Ultimately, an intimate relationship with the living God is what matters and what will set a student up to tackle anything the world can throw at them, and that is the opportunity students have when attending Harvest. Students are truly set up for life, not because Harvest is great, but because God is and they yield to his ways with humility and excellence. I loved my time at Harvest and couldn't recommend the school more!

Jeremy King

Past Student and Headboy

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